Four Common Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Carpet

Carpets take up a lot of space in your home and it adds warmth and texture to any property but carpets also undergo a lot of foot traffic. For example, walking, furniture pressure, pet stains and kids jumping and playing. All this adds up to making the carpets dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it clean as well as dust-free. Because clean carpets mean a clean environment in the house. And it also reduces the chances of health issues. 

Therefore, we all take our time to clean the carpets regularly but still, the carpets do not look fresh. And they look dirty and fragile. The main reason behind this is the carpet cleaning mistakes. Therefore, here are 4 common cleaning mistakes that are ruining your carpets. This guide will help you to understand carpet cleaning in a better way. 

Avoid These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes As They Might Be Ruining Your Carpet 

  • Not Treating Stains On Time 

Leaving spills untreated for a long time is a bad idea. Firstly, carpets are used for a long period every day. Kids tend to spill food. And create a mess on the carpet. Furthermore, pet urine and dirt carried by pets are also very common. Stains come in different types. Some are liquid stains that are easily removable. But stains like red wine are very difficult to get rid of. Therefore, stains or any spills must be treated immediately. 

Firstly, blot any liquid spills on the spot. You can use a soft cloth or a wet wipe to do this. This will prevent stains from seeping into the carpet fibres. Secondly, vacuum regularly. This will remove any food crumbs or excessive stains. Most importantly, call a carpet professional to check for stains regularly as unnoticeable stains lead to mould growth.

  • Overcleaning The Carpets

Have you noticed that even though you vacuum every day your carpets still look dirty? The only reason behind this is overcleaning of the carpets. We tend to use too many chemicals or cleaning agents. And when we vacuu6 the carpet regularly, it causes the carpet fibres to thin out, fade its colour and fraying of rugs. Moreover, we must understand that different carpets require different levels of cleaning.

Another big mistake is using the wrong carpet cleaner. When we use incorrect cleaning solutions, it damages the carpets permanently. Therefore, research the type of carpet fabric you have and find out the most suitable cleaning solution for it. Moreover, always spot tests before you try out a new cleaning solution. This will prevent your carpet from bleaching and fibre loss. Which happens due to the wrong cleaning solution. Hence, considering expert help regularly will be of great help. 

  • Over-wetting The Carpets

Sometimes we over wet the carpets while cleaning as we tend to believe that it will remove all the dirt and stains but that’s not the case. Because when you over wet the carpets there are high chances that the carpets never dry properly. And this will lead to the rotting of the carpets. 

And it also means model growth in the carpets. Moreover, carpet fibres like wool or any other natural fibre get damaged due to excessive water. Hence, this leads to discolouration of the carpets. The best way to clean carpets is to use a wet cloth or a sponge and blot all the wet areas properly. 

  • Excessive Scrubbing of Carpets

The common mistake in carpet cleaning is excessive scrubbing instead of blotting. Firstly, using hard bristle brushes can be very damaging to the carpets. And secondly, scrubbing pushes the dirt deeper into the fibres. This will make the carpets dirtier. And reverse your job of cleaning. Therefore, try blotting instead of scrubbing and gentle rubbing of the carpet fibres is tolerable. Another point is to not overuse carpet deodorizers. 

This can cause build up over time. And they leave the carpets looking tacky and dull. Therefore, a properly cleaned carpet doesn’t need deodorizing instead you can use an odour neutralizer. Also, make sure you use non-toxic neutralizers. And always call a professional if you are not able to treat any specific stains.


These were 4 common cleaning mistakes that are ruining your carpet. Sometimes to save money we end up damaging our carpets. By using wrong cleaning methods and carpet cleaners. Therefore, it is always advised to do proper research on carpets. And take professional help once every few months. This will maintain the structure of carpets. And will improve the life span as well. Hence, invest in good carpet cleaning methods and be in contact with carpet cleaning professionals

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